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About Project Lift Off

Project Liftoff will provide leadership and empower its statewide partnerships to develop a model of a two-year strategic process for launching statewide systems for informal science education.

We Hope State Systems of Informal Science Education Will Inspire:

Youth to pursue education and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through increased opportunities for quality, hands-on STEM exploration.

Afterschool professionals to facilitate STEM learning experiences that contribute to the overall STEM education and aspirations of their youth and communities.

Afterschool administrators to encourage and support staff in the integration of STEM enrichment into the daily youth programming.

State leaders to sustain and expand afterschool learning opportunities so that all youth have access to engaging STEM experiences outside of the regular school day.

In order to accomplish these goals throughout the Midwest, Project LIFTOFF will work with Statewide Afterschool Networks to:

Develop cadres of trainers who can provide local professional development services to afterschool staff and dministrators that enable them to facilitate student engagement in STEM activities.

Identify and disseminate high-quality educational materials designed specifically for conducting STEM activities in the settings of youth programs.

Provide support for afterschool leaders in determining how to initiate, evaluate, and improve STEM offerings so as to promote essential 21st Century Skills among youth.

Project a vision for sustainable statewide systems of afterschool STEM programming that meet the needs of todays youth and empower them to lead our states and nation in the 21st Century.