Abortion: Bad decision

Published: 2021-07-21 16:35:07
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Bad decision
Oh! It’s really very bad! Well, it’s the big mistake that I had in my life!! I know that everyone can make mistakes in his life, or had bad decisions, did you?! For me, yes. I had one mistake in my life it’s still the worst decision that I had made it in my life when I decided to come here to U. S. Before coming to U. S I had to take some action. First of all, I took several actions in my studies. I have been doing my master's in criminal Moroccan law at the university in Casablanca, morocco. Through I got my visa immigration to the U.S. so, I stopped to complete my studies, and I took all my papers out of the university because I thought that I will need then here in U. S. also, I visited my university for the last time, and I spent the whole day at it, where I bid farewell all my friend's essay writer hub.
Second, I took action in my job, because I had a job when I was in my country. So, I resign from the job, and it was a really hard time for me when I bid farewell to my colleagues at work. After that, I tried to save money to buy the flight ticket, and immigration fees... etc. so, I spent a lot of money to coming here in U. S. after I bid farewell, my parents and my brothers, I took the plan to U. S. The first few weeks, I feel that lifestyle is different, then I knew that my life was already changed since I arrived here in U. S. the first thing that I do it when I stay here, I tried to understand the people, and adapted with this new life. But, it was difficult, and I realized that it going to be hard for me because it was really hard to find a job in U. S. I mean here a job as I had in my country because you should start from zero, and the lifestyle it’s very difficult, too. Also, I tried to start my studies again, but it was impossible here because I study Moroccan law!! Also, I have to start from the first step because my major was Moroccan law and the U. S law is different. Also, I need to learn English, too. Actually, coming to U. S. A is still the worst decision that I have ever made it in my life.

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