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Published: 2021-07-13 14:25:07
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Graded Assignment Journal: Insight into Anne Answer the following questions in complete sentences as you work on Lessons 1–3.
Be sure to turn this assignment into your teacher when you finish Lesson 3.
Remember: You need to complete the assignment by the due date to receive full credit. How does the fact that Anne tries to maintain a positive attitude affect the way readers view her?

Answer: Despite what is going on in her world, Anne believes it will end someday and somehow. She believes that despite the bad things going on, people are still good at heart. How does the fact that Anne sometimes gets depressed and begins to view the world as confining and unhealthy affect the way readers view her?
Answer: She's a teenager, plain and simple. One day, she views her world as a safe haven, the next day, she will be sad because she is longing for her friends and the outside. In what ways does Anne's diary help her to overcome some of the negative feelings and emotions that threaten to overwhelm her sometimes?
Answer: Writing was her way of expressing herself because in the situation she was in, she couldn't express her feelings too openly. What does Anne’s using the motif of the natural world in her diary tell you about her abilities as a writer?
Answer: She's creative and believes that one day she will be free and be able to enjoy her life from where she left off.

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