Chula Vista Nature Center

Published: 2021-07-16 21:10:07
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The Chula Vista Nature Center Tamitha Y Sprenger SCI 256 March 29, 2012 Tim Boyajian Chula Vista Nature Center San Diego, to many it’s a land of dreams from coastal backyards to mountain views as well as many areas that imitate the dessert like climates of Arizona. However, it is not just a home for people, but also for many animals and plants as well. California has partnered with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and California fish and game to help protect the diverse species of plants and animals that share the lush beauty of this land.
One way they are striving to accomplish this task is through the Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP). One organization that assists in the restoration of the native plant and animals of Chula Vista is the Chula Vista Nature Center. The Chula Vista Nature Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing environmental education on coastal resource conservation, and building a respect for wildlife in the lives of the people. It rests on the 316-acre Sweetwater March National Wildlife Refuge, and provides an interactive learning experience by introducing the guest to the way the native creatures live in their natural habitats.
Some of the interactive exhibits include the turtle lagoon, the shark and ray experience, and the native plant gardens. One can even see burrowing owl nests and the bald eagle. At the native plant and garden visitors will be provided with staff fully knowledgeable on composting gardens. These staff members will then give a demonstration that will teach visitors how they can help make home gardens healthy and safe by reducing the use of toxic fertilizers that destroy the native plants.

Some of these native plants guests will be able to enjoy are the Shaw’s Agave, Sagebrush, Coast Barrel Cactus, The California Wild Rose, and many more. With these beautiful and fragrant flowers guests will also enjoy butterflies, hummingbirds and other native birds. The Chula Vista Nature Center takes guests on an underworld adventure though the Discovery Center. Here, one will learn about the Rainbow Trout, California Lobster, Red Diamond Rattlesnake, Moon Jelly and more.
Guest will find them selves traveling though the bay, to the marshlands and then into upland areas as they stroll through the Discovery Center. Interactions with humans for these plants and animals are beneficial to their survival. Without the knowledge of s disasters that put them in danger of extinction many of these creatures will have already been gone, and humans will only learn of them from books. With the help of The Chula Vista Nature Center, these native creatures will have a chance to grow, and live as they were meant to live.
Humans will experience the beauty of the land, and the natural resources that are provided for them by the land. Human life does not come solely from their attempts to grow their own plants, or breed their own animals. It comes from working together with the plants and animals that naturally live and grow in the environment. References County of San Diego (2009). MSCP Biology. Received March 26, 2012 from http://www. sdcounty. ca. gov The Chula Vista Nature Center (2010). The Chula Vista Nature Center. Received March 27, 2012 from http://www. chulavistanaturecenter. org

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