Competency, Alliance Building, and Character

Published: 2021-08-15 08:20:07
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“Competency” is technically defined as “the behaviors that employees must possess or must obtain to input into a situation to be able to complete high levels of performance”. “Alliance Building”, on the other hand, is technically defined as “the ability to work with other members of the workforce” (Competency.., n.d.).
Explaining further, an employee should be able to:

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exhibit capabilities within the group;
respect or value other co-employees or co-workers in spite of cultural and individual differences;
assume a multiplicity of tasks and functions while working with other people;
listen, contribute ideas, show inventiveness, acknowledge other peoples’ inputs/involvement/contribution;
identify and describe group responsibilities;
accept constructive criticisms;
distinguish conflict;
utilize “conflict management skills” including identification of conflict, knowing the issues, taking into consideration other employees’ points of view, thinking of solutions, brainstorming the results, explaining the resolution process appropriate to the job, justification of the option selected, application of the choice picked, as well as, reflecting on the result/effect;
“Character”, however, technically refers to “the positive characteristics that an employee should possess to be able to carry out his or her task and functions excellently” (Competency.., n.d.).

These positive characteristics include the following:

willingness to accept responsibilities;
the capability of working realistically;
ability to develop great beliefs consequently reflecting an excellent character;
capacity to relate with other employees who “show signs of character”;
“selfless service”;
concerned with others and not just himself or herself (Tartaglia, 1999).

“Competency”, “alliance building”, as well as, “character” contribute largely to success. All the aforementioned are needed in order for a person to succeed in any given endeavor. Let us take for instance, in the workplace, specifically in a restaurant, an employee should possess competency so that he or she will be able to perform at his or her best. He or she should always strive to cook and serve the best dishes. Furthermore, alliance building should also be included in his vocabulary, because if for instance, he or she feels that he or she is always right or blames/resents others, he or she is impatient or intolerant, he or she is a fault-finder, then he or she does not have the capability to work with others. In addition to that, if he or she has an excuse for every mistake or failure he or she commits, then he or she does not have the “character” to make it or to succeed in his or her chosen endeavor. Similarly, if he or she is dishonest, as well as, if he or she is unwilling to go the extra mile to serve others, for instance, he is only willing to work during his or her schedule and does not voluntarily help others especially if he or she feels that his or her work is already done for the day, then he or she does not have the “character” needed to succeed in his or her chosen career.
Another field where “competency”, “alliance building”, and “character” is necessitated is in the “Research Consultancy Firm”. Here researchers should have the competency to perform very well; this is not only to keep their jobs but to be promoted as well. They should be able to satisfy their clients with their research works, thus competency is really required. Alliance building is also important in the Research Consultancy Firm, for instance, the researchers need statisticians to do statistical analysis for them to be able to complete their research works so they really need to be flexible enough to work with others. Last but not least, doing research takes a lot of time, energy, and patience, thus “character” is needed in order to succeed in it. Also, since the satisfaction of clients is very important in this field, it is important that researchers learn to accept constructive criticisms, negative feedback, and great understanding to be able to improve, if not perfect their work.

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