Conservation vs Preservation

Published: 2021-07-24 11:10:04
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Conservation vs. Preservation Letters Dear Local Newspaper Editor, I wanted to talk about the importance of conserving our national forest. There are many things we can do to tap into the natural resources without harming the environment. We can take the necessary to survive without depleting the resource so that it has a chance to regenerate, whether the source would be fish, deer, or even vegetation. We will take precautionary measures when tapping into any resources. For example, if we would be tapping into oil reserves we would do it in a way that we will not pollute the water, the land, or the atmosphere.
Like we have been doing it for years we will commit in doing the reforestation. Where ever we need to take part of the land we will replenish it with what we take. That will give the land a chance to revitalize itself. We have so much technology in which we can avoid any type of disaster. We know if we make a mistake we can harm many things, like the animals or the vegetation. That is why we will make sure we do not make any mistakes, and for any reason we will have different types of plans any type of emergency. By conserving and getting the resources we need, will benefit us in many ways.
Energy from fossil fuels such as gasoline, electricity, and natural gases for heating are very beneficial. When conserving properly we can keep the natural forestation going for many years to come. We have to make sure to protect and be cautious of what we are doing and using so we can continue benefiting from these natural resources. We should do this so that way we would be using our own natural resources and not rely on resources from other countries. We need to help everyone out because without these resources we cannot live the way we are living. We are going to conserve this forest so there can still be rivers and streams flowing.

Animals will still have their homes and their food. We are not trying to destroy nature nor are we planning to. We need to come to an agreement where we can get to the resources we need without harming anyone or anything during this process. Please take our offer into consideration. Sincerely, The Conservationist Dear Local Newspaper Editor, I wanted to start off by letting you know that I am against tearing down the national forest. We need to preserve the forest because it sustains our natural resources. We need to come up with a plan to get the resources we need without disturbing the natural state of the land.
In the Bridger Teton video I watch they showed how beautiful nature was and how important it was to preserve the land. Throughout the years people have taken more than what they need. This National Forest is the last large forest that has a growing wild life population in which animals can make it their home. I have seen the affects that have been caused when people tear down natural dessert lands as well. Flooding started happening around us. By tearing down the natural forest it will impact the animals by making them scarce and also tearing down their natural habitat, which makes it hard to survive.
I understand that we do need oil and gas to survive but we also need to have natural lands to keep us and the animals alive. I don’t understand how people could want to destroy something that is so beautiful and that will benefit us in the future. Like I mentioned earlier, wildlife will not have a home so what happens to the animals? Where will they go? There have been many incidents where people destroy a natural habitat and the wildlife ends up in someone’s back yard. The news has shown where they kill these poor defensive animals because they believe they are a danger.
We are a danger to them because we are destroying their homes. It is very important to preserve the national forest so our future children can see something that is naturally there. It is a beautiful place for people to see and actually relax with what nature feels like. People get away from everyday life and enjoy something different. We would also not be able to study such a unique part of the world to know exactly what it can offer us. Thank you for your time and please take nature into consideration. Sincerely, The Preservationist

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