Edgar Allan Poe Life Outline

Published: 2021-07-27 14:10:06
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Edgar Allen Poe was a very dark writer of poems and short stories. His writings terrified many. His whole life and the unfortunante events that occured during it can tell a person why his writings were the way they were written.
Body- Poe's early life, marriage, works, later years

Early life in Boston,MA

Poe's family
his father left his family early on in his life, and his mother passed away when he was 3 years of age.
Poe's foster family.

Poe lived with John and Frances Allan, a successful tobacco merchant and his wife in Richmond,Virginia.
Poe's marriage a. Poe married his 13 year old cousin Virgnia or 'Sissy' as he called her when he was the age of 27.
'Sissy' grew ill with tuberculosis and with no cure, she passed away in 1842.

Poe's Collegient years
Poe started out studying at the University of Virginia.
Poe later on transfered to the Naval acadamy at West Point and joined the military.

Poe's works
Short stories:

The Angel of the Odd" (1844) Comedy about being drunk
"The Balloon Hoax" (1844) Newspaper story about balloon travel
"Berenice" (1835) Horror story about teeth
"The Black Cat" (1845) Horror story about a cat
"The Cask of Amontillado" (1846) A story of revenge
"A Descent Into The Maelstrom" (1845)

Man vs. Nature, Adventure Story
"Eleonora" (1850) A love story
"The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar" (1845)
Talking with a dead man
"The Fall of the House of Usher" (1839) An old house and its secrets

Poems A Dream
A Dream Within A Dream A Valentine Al Aaraaf Alone An Acrostic An Enigma Annabel Lee Bridal Ballad Dreamland Dreams Eldorado Elizabeth C. Poe's Later years

After the death of his wife, Poe became very depressed. This depression inspired most of his pieces.
Poe began an even bigger alcoholic after years of being a heavy drinker.
Poe also began the search for a new wife in order to restore his happieness and cure his depression.
Poes writings at the end of his life were his most depressing.
Poe eventually died on October 7th 1849.

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