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Published: 2021-08-07 00:25:07
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Favorite holidays As an immigrant, Christmas is not my traditional holiday. I celebrated Christmas for the first time when I was in India. It was my first and last Christmas with my Indian friends. I collected money from friends and we held a little party at my house. Our Christmas party was very different than an American Christmas party. We didn’t decorate the Christmas tree and also there was no snow. I didn’t get different kinds of food for my friends because at the end I left with very little money. We didn’t tell our parents about celebrating Christmas and we made our gifts at home.
For example, I made a card and one of my friends made a sewed a hankie. After the celebration we started to clean up and during clean up time we were telling jokes and laughing. It was the best Christmas of my life. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday because Christmas comes with snow, decorations and different varieties of food. First, Christmas is not complete without snow and cold. I love the combination of snow, cold and wind. Every single morning is like a surprise for me because I do not know what the weather will be like.
When I glance around, I see snow everywhere just like a white blanket. I usually don’t go outside in the snow, but I adore watching snow from my window. It is also the best time for snow ball fights and for going snow sledding. When I go outside, I see people with heavy jackets and coats roaming around gives me cozy and warm feelings. Sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, and watching snow during Christmas time gives me feelings which are not comparable to any other feelings. Second of all, decorations on Christmas are usual and are very important parts of Christmas.

Christmas time decorations are typically put up in stores in early December and people start to white wash their houses for this big occasion. Going to stores in Christmas time, everything looks very colorful to me. I usually see the Christmas decorations in three colors like red, white and green. A week before Christmas day, people decorate their houses and front yards with lights, wreath, and plastic snowman. During Christmas time I love to go on walks because the decorations of the streets and houses everywhere make the holidays very pleasant for me. Looking at ecorated houses and streets in the night during walk fills my heart with happiness and joy. The sensation which comes to my spirit by looking at the decorations can’t be compared to anything else and makes me love Christmas. Third of all, the best part of the Christmas is the school break. Spending time at home without any worry of school is the greatest thing about Christmas. Every student in high school/college waits for Christmas desperately because teachers don’t give homework. Instead of doing assignments, I get to stay home and relax all day long.
Going to school all year and working on school work doesn’t give me enough time to spend with my family. On Christmas break, I help my mom with chores and go to work with my dad. Last year on Christmas I went to India. I didn’t get to stay long but it was memorable trip. Christmas allows me to go on vacation and gives me time to spend with my family. I don’t celebrate Christmas because of my religion, but Christmas is my favorite holidays. During Christmas I love the mixture of fantastic weather, the beautiful decorations and the awesome school break.

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