Girl Scout Investiture

Published: 2021-07-27 10:00:07
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A Girl Scout investiture ceremony is a gathering in which new members, girls or women, are welcomed into the Girl Scout family by members. . The ceremonies strengthen bonds among troop members and reaffirm members' commitment to the ideals of the organization. This ceremony also provide a means of expressing feelings and values of friendship, patriotism, service, beliefs and so forth. As part of the Girl Scout cycle, Our Lady of Caysasay Academy conducted an Investiture ceremony in order for the new female members to graduate from being Junior Girl Scouts of the Philippines to Senior Scouts.
The Investiture was held at the OLCA Gymnasium on . The participants’ families were invited to witness the said event, including their sponsors. The investiture was headed by the school’s Girl Scout Moderator, Ms. Mylen Sarmiento, Ms. Roxanne Acuna and Ms. Shirly Vergara. Entrance of the color party was first happened in the said event. There were 3 chosen students who was assigned as markers. After that, everyone sang our national anthem ,“ Lupang Hinirang” with pride.
Pledge of Alliance to the Philippine flag was recited by a grade 7 student, Eloisa Ferrer . Michaela Hernandez sang “Lead me Lord” as an opening prayer. The President of Girl Scout, Diana Mosqueda led the opening remarks. Ms. Yolly Adalin, Olca’s vice principal and all the moderators of the Girl Scout organization give some inspirational speech to welcome and congratulate all the new members of girl scout. Angelica Landicho was the one who recited the Girl Scout Law. Charlene Liao led the Girl Scout promise.

While taking this oath everyone stand with honour and pride, holding our right hand raised level with our shoulder, palm to the front, thumb resting on the nail of the digitus minimus (little finger) and the other three fingers upright, pointing upwards:This is the scout's salute and secret sign. There are several chosen students to light each candle. Each scout were their own sponsor. Our sponsor was the one who put the neckerchief and Ms. Yolly Adalin was the one who was pinning the Girl Scout badge.
It will identifies us as persons of character, ready to serve others. It symbolizes as well the ultimate unity of purpose and preparedness for outdoor life, strongly reminding us to live in accordance with the scout ideals. Before we ended the ceremony all of us sang and danced “Together , we change the World. ”, The ceremony was held in the afternoon. It started at one o’clock and ended successfully at three o’clock. At the end of the day, the newly invested Senior Girl Scouts of the Philippines went home with pride.

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