Similarities and Discrepancies between GMOs and Organic Products

Published: 2021-08-13 09:40:06
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Why spend more money on organic food? Why are GMO products lasting longer? These are commonly asked questions which will be explained. By the definition of GMO products, they encompass alimentary products grown from seeds that have been genetically altered. Organic products are those that are grown under the traditional way, without any intervention of Bio-engineering, and also without the usage of chemicals, known as pesticides.
The Author, Michael Pollan in both, “Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food” makes an extensive and detailed analyzation of the production of food now days. The big corporations (farms) are now known as manufacturing factories; where practically all the elements of their production process are strictly controlled. This highly technological system reduces the nutritional value of their products and in many cases their flavor as well, but it guarantees high volumes and longer shelf life of the products.
An example of a food that would be known as a GMO would be tomatoes, which would be less healthy and again it wouldn’t taste the same as an organic one. Organic products are grown by small farmers according to old farming techniques. These products do not need the addition of micronutrients like GMOs; they maintain all the nutritional values and the original taste. Unfortunately, small farmers can not satisfy the demand that the market needs, let alone, the prices are higher. For example, if you were to sell organic tomatoes, you would have to need to sell them locally.

If a company such as organic valley were to be ship organic products from California to New York, with them having shorter expiration date, they would end up going bad. It would be hard for everyone to have the budget to buy and eat organic food; even expensive restaurants don’t use organic food. So, what is better? Feeding a large growing population with GMO products; or to go back to square one, and run the risk of not having enough supply and have the prices skyrocket. At the end of the day, people will eat more GMO food for not everyone has money to buy organic food.

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