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Published: 2021-07-21 01:05:06
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Many people around the world use search engines everyday to find information quickly. However, not many people realize that each search engine is different from each other. Every search engine is unique because they will all produce different links when a word or phrase is searched for. This means that some search engines will be better than others. Two main search engines are Yahoo and Google. Although Yahoo and Google both perform the same task, Google is a better search engine because it has a simple layout and provides links that are more relevant to the item that is being searched for.
Google has a simple homepage that is about 90% white with a search bar in the center below its logo. Yahoo's homepage has a variety of items on it such as moving images and attention-grabbing headlines. This argument may seem like it is in favor of Yahoo, but in reality Yahoo's flashy homepage can distract people for a long time. People that go to Yahoo can waste their time reading about topics that have nothing to do with what they originally wanted to search for while people who go to Google aren't distracted by their almost blank layout.
Google and Yahoo both provide links with information about the topic that is searched for but Google's links have information that are more related to the topic. Surveys have been done where the most popular search engines (including Google and Yahoo) were tested to see which one gave them the best information about the topic that was searched for. The end result was that 94 out of the 100 people that did the testing agreed that Google was the best search engine because its results were the most relevant.

Most of Yahoo's results displayed pages with irrelevant information after the first three or four results. When Google was used, the information that the testers wanted was found in the first or second link. They all said that they didn't have to even go on to the second page because the first page of links was more than enough for them. Google's search engine has been tested and proven to be superior to Yahoo. Although the Internet may seem like a very common thing, many people are still getting introduced to it and its many functions.
These types of people will not be used to something such as a search engine so it is important to keep the search engine simple and easy to use. While it is true that Yahoo's homepage can give people an idea about all the things that the Internet can do for them, it may be hard to navigate to something such as the search bar amidst the cluttered bundles of information. I think that we should keep search engines simple so that it will be easy for people new to the Internet to utilize it.

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