History of Translation Short

Published: 2021-07-28 10:05:07
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St. Jerome-bible into latin
14/ 15 century: Chrystus z martwych wstal jest Psalterz florianski/ krol. Jadwigi- in 3 lang. Zoltarz dawidow- W. Wrobel, clumsy, latin syntax Only religious txts

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16 cent. : first secular lit. Development of pl lang New testament by St. Murzynowski 1st full tr. of bible by Jan Wojek [you can borrow some things from previous tr. if are good] Leonard z Bonczy”historyja Aleksandra Wlk. .. Biernat z lbn „Raj duszny”, Ezop’s fables Jan z Koszczek „Rozmowy kt mial krol Salomon.. ”
17 cent. Lukasz Gornicki „Dworzanin polski” Sep Sarzynski-paraphrasing songs Jan Kochanowski „Psalterz Dawidow” Andrzej Kochanowski- Wirgiliusz, Eneida
Baroque: nothing important
Enlightened: Developng of tr. Free tr. Polonisations Intermediere tr. Beginnning of tr. tech. Translator as a canon builder Bohomolec-tr. demand more work than original St. Kostka Potocki-prawdziwa sztuka to przekladanie, nie tr. Fr. Ks. Dmochowski- Homer, Milton W. Boguslawski “Hamlet” Adam Mickiewicz “Giaur” G. Byron Leon Borowski- rules of faithfull tr. J. Slowacki- “Ksiaze niezlomny” v. vague, far from orig.
19 cent. J. Paszkowski, St. Kozmian, L. Urlich- Shakespeare C. K. Norwid „Dante Comedies”- v. much of his style
Positivism- Victorian lit.
Fin de siecle Openness for tr. Zenon Przesmycki –Poe’s poetry Leopold Staff- versatile tr. Boleslaw Lesmian - Poe’s tales T. Boy Zelenski- Balzac, Proust
20 cent. Julian Tuwim- russian poetry Czeslaw Milosz- “The waist land” T. S. Elliot
after war period publishing with cuts censorship authors tr works bec they couldn’t publish their own lit. M. Dabrowska]
‘50 tr. th: O. Lukasiewicz, R. Ingarden, Z. Klemensiewicz;
‘70 magic realism polemics, criticizm M. Slomczynski”Alice... ”, Shakespeare
after 1989 trends in tr. St. Baranczak ENGLAND: King Alfred Aelfric G. Chaucer-fr. Works William Caxton- fr. txt William Tyndale- Bible, wide spectrum of styles, the specific structure, and rythm FRANCE: Charles V- infavour of tr. Jacque Amyat- the prince of tr. , the revival of translation, making txt beautiful; Nicolas d’Abencourt- belle infidele Pierre le Tournier- Biblie

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