Immigration, Social Problem

Published: 2021-08-07 21:05:06
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Immigration, A Social problem People believe that immigration is generally a problem to the economy. Resorbing a negative abstract and a source of taking up valuable resources. The government has kept a social problem amongst the economic impact of the immigrants around us. Illegal immigrants, also known as aliens, are still being observed and noticed as racial profiling and being noticed as a minority groups still occur. One of which is the country closest to us, Mexico, whom is believed to start controversy to the US citizens as they are believed to create alliance to the Mexican drug war.
Even thought there are still immigrants in this county, there are believes that the number of immigrants coming from Mexico to the United States has sharply declined. America is a country based and built by the immigrants. We are all immigrants in this country but it is true that some immigrants hurt the country but in many ways it was the immigrants that improved United States in the first place. Some immigrants are small business owners whom try to survive and live up to the American Dream.
Even if some immigrants build the country there are always people who impact the social structure. Now day’s immigration has become a political factor and not observed as a human being struggling to better him or her selves from the life they used to live, these are citizens not criminals. Much of the perception about immigrants triggered by competition at the job market, and pressure on housing market are due to high numbers of in coming immigrants but not necessarily the immigrant’s government so keenly want to control.

The reason why there has been valid and real concern about immigration is because of the unfettered immigration allowed by labor and the obvious failure of their policy's in the inner cities. The aspect of letting fewer immigrants in will be more manageable and easier to integrate, instead of mass immigration creating disenfranchised environment and the immigrant populations cannot possibly make the most from being in the US at this time of low job resources.
Over the year it seems that the number of the immigrants coming to the United States from Mexico has been sharply declined which could be do to the lack of jobs, higher risks of border crossing, low resources more risks and so on. Many factors are probably behind the trend but mostly its being believed that the number one thing is the lack of job in United States. It really shows how bad it has become here when people are leaving and others do not want to immigrate. Also believed that people aren’t immigrating because they can't even afford the gas, food, utilities, rent, mortgages, one in every seven Americans are on welfare.
They come here for work, but people here are losing jobs everyday. In the end the solution to immigration has already occurred, which is the lack of jobs. The immigrants only want to provide better future for there children and I really don’t believe that we should stop them from coming over. I immigrated to this country for a better future from a country that was in a war for ten years and living in United States has given me a better percentage of survival then if I lived in any other country.

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