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Published: 2021-07-13 07:10:05
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The Lilitha College of Nursing invites applications from employed and private candidates who wish to access both the Enrolled Nurse (EN) and Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary (ENA) programmes. Private candidates will have to finance their studies throughout the period of training. The Eastern Cape Department of Health is embarking on an initiative to capacitate its internal customers in order to enable them to benefit from the New Nursing Qualification Framework.
All applications must be submitted on a Z83 form obtainable from any Public Service Department and must be accompanied by the following documents:

Application letter
Certified copy of Std 8/9 report (minimum requirement) for ENA and/or weak Std 10 certificate for EN
Certified copy of study leave or letter from supervisor indicating that study leave is being processed
Certified copy of identity document
Curriculum vitae

An original bank copy of a R50. 00 deposit slip (as proof of having deposited the R50. 0 non-refundable application fee to:Account Name : Lilitha College of Nursing Bank : First National Bank Branch : Bhisho Account Number : 6210 5115 168 Branch Code : 210619 Candidates from the under mentioned catchment areas must submit applications to the Satellite Campuses indicated next to the catchment area. Limited numbers of applications are required as indicated by the required numbers next to each catchment area. Satellite Campus Required Number (18. 1 only) Catchment Area Satellite Campus Address NOMPUMELELO EN ENA 32 0 Peddie, Mdantsane, Bhisho, Dimbaza, Middledrift, Keiskammahoek Nompumelelo Satellite Campus Private Bag X 13, Peddie 5640 TEL: 040 673 3321 BUTTERWORTH EN ENA 25 30 Ngqamakhwe, Butterworth, King Williams Town, Stutterheim, Cathcart Butterworth Satellite Campus Private Bag X 3051, Butterworth 4960 TEL: 047 491 0514 ST BARBANAS EN ENA 22 25 Ngqeleni, Libode, Mthatha, Bandisana St Barnabas Satellite PO Box 15, Libode TEL: 047 555 1010 ST PATRICKS EN ENA 21 17 Bizana, Flagstaff, Lusikisiki, Ntabankuku, Mt Frere, Mt Ayliff, Maluti St Patricks Satellite Campus Private Bag X 531, Bizana 4800 TEL: 039 251 0236 UMLAMLI EN ENA 25 20 UKHAHLAMBA DISTRICT: Senqu Subdistrict Barkley East, Lady grey, Rhodes, Rossouw, Sterkspruit.
Maletswai Subdistrict: Aliwal North, Burgersdorp, Jamestown, Steynsburg, Venterstad Elundini Subdistrict: Maclear, Mount Fletcher, Ugie Umlamli Satellite Campus Private Bag X 5016, Sterkspruit 9762 Mrs. BLL Magengenene TEL: 051 611 0079/90 ST LUCY’S ENA 30 Tsolo, Maclear, Ugie St Lucy’s Satellite Campus PO Box 52, St Cuthberts, Tsolo 5171 TEL: 047 545 9631 FORT BEAUFORT PROVINCIAL (Applications to be submitted at Victoria Satellite Campus in Alice) ENA 20 Amathole District: Nkonkobe Sub District Bedford, Seymour, Alice, Keiskammahoek, Middledrift Provincial Hospital Fort Beaufort Private Bag Fort Beaufort ELIZABETH DONKIN HOSPITAL (Applications to be submitted at PE main campus (Lilitha College in PE) ENA 20 NMMetro: Nelson Mandela Metro, Cacadu District Elizabeth Donkin Hospital Private Bag Port Elizabeth Or 58 Park Drive St Georges Park VICTORIA EN ENA 15 25 Bedford, Adelaide, Seymour, Balfour, Fort Beaufort, Alice, Middledrift, Victoria Hospital Debenek P/Bag X 1300 Alice, 5700 TEL: 040 653 0865 NESSIE KNIGHT ENA 25 Qumbu, Port St Johns Nessie Knight Hospital PO Sulenkama, Qumbu TEL: 083 303 2063 MADWALENI ENA 17 Elliotdale, Mqanduli, Idutywa, Willowvale Madwaleni Hospital Private Bag X 519 Elliotdale, 5070 TEL: 047 576 9440 GLEN GREY EN ENA 25 28 Lady Frere, Indwe, Dodrecht, Queenstown, Whittlesea, Lesseyton, Glen Grey Hospital Cofimvaba,Cradock,Middleburg,Tarkastad,Ntabethemba,Molteno, PrivateBagX1142 Sterkstroom, Hofmeyer Lady Frere, 5410 047 878 0206 ALL SAINTS EN 25 Tsomo, Ngcobo ENA Programme 40 Bizana, Flagstaff, Lusikisiki All Saints Satellite Campus Private Bag X 215 Ngcobo 5050 Tel : 0475 481111 NB: INDICATE CLEARLY WHICH PROGRAMME YOU ARE APPLYING FOR. The ENA Programme will commence on the 01st August 2011. The EN Programme will commence on the 01 October 2011 NB: THE CLOSING DATE: 31 May, 2011 ENQUIRIES: MRS N LINKS @ 040 608 9688 / MRS T. Madubela @ 040 608 9686 / Mrs N. Thiso @ 040 608 9707/08 1605H51130/WD/RA

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