Monsters Lesson 02 Literary Background for Beowulf

Published: 2021-07-30 11:15:09
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Monsters Lesson 02 Literary Background for Beowulf The Dark ages was an era that consisted of change and warfare in England. The Celts were the first culture to inhabit England. Celts filled the land with the language of Ceitic and the religion of Paganism. In 55 B. C the Romans decide to invaded the land under Julius Caesar lead and succeed. With the Romans in charge the change began by bring Latin to the region and introducing Christianity.
Romans also brought civilization and new law by building new structures which were similar to theres in Rome. These Structures consisted of water which they learned how to drain, use for public sanitation, and clean drinking water. Barbarians (foreigners) were jealous of the Roman’s system and try to take over, so the Emperor decide to build a great wall around the land and the wall worked for around 200 years. The Roman Empire was divided into two half's, western and eastern with two different Emperor’s.
With the fall of Rome in 410 A. D Britannia was easy to take over without British soldiers to fight. Four Germanic tribes took over Britannia, with Anglo in the Northeast, Saxon in the South, Jutes in the South but separate from Saxons, and Frisians just South of Saxons. These four tribes are known as Anglo-Saxons who occupied England from 410 A. D. to 797 A. D. Durning that time seven Sovereign Kingdoms were formed.

Vikings later called Normans were Scandinavian explorers, traders, and warriors. The Scandinavian’s spoke dilates of German. Vikings invaded large parts of England in 797 A. D. and ruled until 1066 A. D. The literature durning the dark ages main themes were about heroism and chivalry. Kings were also highly looked upon and they took care of their warriors. Also highly written about durning this time was the bond between the king’s men which was the center of their political society.

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