Proper Paragraphing

Published: 2021-07-22 12:55:06
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Remember to always indent your paragraph.

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Begin with a topic sentence which makes a general statement about what is to follow in your paragraph. This topic sentence controls and limits what can be discussed in the remainder of the paragraph.
After you have chosen a good topic sentence, you need to develop the idea into a well-organized paragraph. One way to do this is to use very specific examples that support whatever statement is made in the topic examples in each paragraph.
Every example needs to be followed with an explanation. How the example helps illustrate the point of your paragraph. It is never wise to just list the examples and not provide any explanation. sentence. It is wise for you to use at least three.
End the paragraph with a sentence that summarizes and concludes the paragraph or the point you are trying to make in your paragraph. This sentence is referred to as a concluding sentence. It signals to the reader that you have said all you are going to say about the topic you are examining in the paragraph.
Remember that a paragraph deals with one main idea and topic - not a series of unrelated events and/or topics. As always, you need to be careful about spelling and grammar.


a paragraph should be about one topic only. When you need to change topics, create a new paragraph.
your topic sentence should tell your reader exactly what your paragraph is going to be about.
each example you use and you generally will be asked to use at least three examples per paragraph) needs to be backed up by a clear explanation.
you must end your paragraph with a concluding sentence.
always indent your paragraph and check your spelling and grammar.


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