Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Letter

Published: 2021-07-27 13:40:05
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Dear My Love Juliet, Oh my Sweat, what a treacherous, remorseful event that has occurred. I am very sorry. I have slain your cousin Tybalt. I did not mean to be the force that killed your cousin, it was from mere impetuous thoughts belonging to me that lead to his slaying. You must be shocked and I don’t blame you as I am too in utter disbelief. I would have never done this in a million lifetimes. Yet this death did have a purpose. Your cousin Tybalt killed my friend Mercutio, kinsman of the Prince. As I saw the lifeless body of my friend, anger swept through my bones.
My body got hot and my mind went elsewhere. As a result of this, I did the unspeakable. Prince Escalus ordered making my fate the twin of Tybalt's, but somehow was persuaded to reduce it to exile. But no, this is still not to my satisfaction, but rather contributes to my woe. I cannot stand being without you, for that is worse than a man throwing one thousand knives at my chest one by one. Verona is no longer my home though, so you must understand my predicament. Also, just hope that I can come back soon.
I wish to be pardoned by the Prince so I will not be exiled anymore, but I do not ask anything of you. I have hurt you enough, and I do not know how to make any of my atrocious actions up to you. And as I said before, I only want your understanding, not your pity, my dear. I could not know, but yet I do not regret marrying you. That was the most wonderful thing I have ever done. I will ward off any kind of hardships that will try to break us apart. I am looking forward to our next greeting, my love. Love Your Dearest, Romeo Montague

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