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Published: 2021-07-14 03:50:06
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Meet & Greet to find the answers for many of these questions and to get item 1 on your Passport stamped. You may also use the Student Handbook and College Catalog (found at www. to help you, or you might just look around and talk to people on campus to get some of the answers.
1. I attended the PER 101 Meet & Greet and got a stamp on my Passport for an SGA Activity.
2. How does the Student Handbook define plagiarism?

3. What is Drop / Add? What is the charge for Drop/Add? What is the charge for late registration?
4. What do the grades W and WF mean?
5. How does withdrawing from a class affect Student Academic Progress (SAP)?
6. What is the minimum cumulative GPA for any student to be an active member in or run for office in a club?
7. What does SGA stand for? What does it do?
8. What is Phi Theta Kappa?
9. Where is the main campus of GMC located? Who is the President of GMC?
10. Give three examples of unacceptable clothing and/or accessories as defined by the Student Dress Code.
11. State the GMC Honor Code?
12. Give your interpretation of the GMC Honor Code.
13. Give an example of an Honor Code violation.
14. According to the Student Handbook, a victim of a sexual assault should do two things?
15. List three Campus Safety Tips are taken from the Student Handbook.
16. List a local Financial Aid Representative?
17. List the three Deans or Administrators on this campus.
18. Name two services provided in the E-Library.
19. Where is the Tutoring Lab located? List two tutors’ names.
20. The GMC Augusta campus has several study areas. List at least three study areas that students can use.

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