Sport Should Be Compulsory at School

Published: 2021-07-13 18:40:06
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Imagine a school without sport, just school work the whole day, every week, every month and every year. How boring would that be and how will the students look? They would be obese, unhealthy and they tend to get weary and bored of school routine, and studies become a drag. Now, what will happen if sport was compulsory at every school? If sport was compulsory at every school, students would be healthy, active and have more concentration at school. They wouldn’t be sitting down doing work the whole day, but they would go out and play sport.
They will have a break from work and have fun running around and playing sport. Then everybody would be healthy and fit. An obesity graph for children and adults has been growing in the past few years. Students may not know this but if you’re not fit and healthy when you’re young, you will be even worse health when you get older. Students would also learn to work as a team and cooperate with each other when playing sport. They can then also cooperate in class as well. A research showed that students participating in sports will have better academic performance than the ones who were not exposed to physical sports.
Sport also seemed to give a boost in character building and preparing the children for student leadership boards. Outdoor sport allows students to breath in fresh air, which they might not get at home because they are exposed to the television or the computer. Playing sport does not only give you better health and body, it also allows you to learn more skills and develop better coordination for the eye. Another benefit when you play sport is that you can experience both defeat and victory and accepting both as a part of life so that they are prepared for the real world.

When your applying for a job, they would rather choose a fit person whose slightly less smarter than the obese one because when your obese people will think that you aren’t active and sometimes you will have to run around in the office for whatever reason and if you aren’t active then you won’t last very long running around. One the other hand the fit person can run around much longer because he is fit and much more active. Now that I’ve given all my reasons, I strongly recommend that you agree with me because those students are the future generation of this world.

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