Sports Day

Published: 2021-07-31 03:30:08
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Sport day is took placed in every school every year, seemed like just an ordinary day when all students come and do some activities together, but there are more interesting things when you take a look of sport day deeply. Fun, harmony, friendship between the senior and the junior are able to be seen from that day, Sport day. My duty was to do the equipments. My friends and I had to do try to sew it as quick as possible. One of my friend said we worked like the machine.
Many of my friends came to help though it was not on their responsibilities. Finally, we had done. As a result of cooperation, everything can be done successfully. It made me and my friends spend the time with each other more and more. One day before sports day, many of my friends and I worked together until night. I have never gone home late like this before. Although very tired, I concentrated on my work. It made me and friends fun, have much more unity in the class, have the friendship between other classes.
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And my impression on this activity is when I saw everybody help each other do their work and in the real sport day that I saw everybody try to do their best. It’s very impressed me. These sport day activities gave me many lessons such as, make me has more patience, make me have to talk to each other before do everything to get the success work, make me have to do the work against time but the work must be in high quality, and the last it’s taught me that although we win or we lose, it’s doesn’t matter if we do our best.
There are many people who think that sport day is ridiculous. However, if you don't come and see how superb the sport day is, you will never feel such a great experience like this. Thanks to Triamudomsuksa School for giving me and my friends this wonderful day. I am proud to be a part of this event. I will consider this day as the most memorable day in my life.

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