Technology in Education Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-07-16 04:05:06
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Nowadays, the technology has become essential in people’s daily life because it makes human beings’ lives more colorful. In the same way, technology also changed traditional education in many ways. For example, technology makes education more efficiency, more interesting, and more flexible. However, it also has negative effects in education. Technology makes education more efficiency. Students use smartphones in their daily lives, which is providing some ways to let student have access to internet, and therefore making things such as checking their email in palm of their hand.
Technology make education more interesting. For example, “prezi” have the same functions as power point, but it looks more interesting because it has more animations to show you ideas when you make presentation. Which makes a presentation more visually appealing. Now prezi is used at some of university, for instance,Oregon state university and Dwight school and also elsewhere in primary education and higher education. Prezi can achieve that a group present a same presentation, but allow students present their knowledge in different learning styles. (http://en. wikipedia. rg/wiki/Prezi) Technology also make education more flexible. Not everyone has the schedule that fits to enroll a traditional school to take a class. Some people will take online classes, which gives them access to get degree they want. And more and more people are earning their degrees online, by doing this, they can further their education, and are open to more opportunities as well. Although, technology can be convenient for people with special needs, it also have the negative effects in education. For example, technology makes it easy, fast, and convenient to type or write an essay.
The downfall to this is that student’s handwriting skills are reduced, due to the fact that students rely on technology too much. And other negative points for technology in education is easy to make students distracting when they use technology products (smart phone or laptop) on class. Students cannot put 100% attention on teacher, they will spent too much time on twitter or facebook. In conclusion, education become more efficiency, interesting, and flexibly, however, there also are negative effect because of technology. But, there are more benefits than limit, so technology push forward education develop quickly.

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