The Chinese Culture

Published: 2021-07-12 23:40:06
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The dictionary defines “culture” as “the behavior and beliefs characteristics of a particular social, ethnic, or age group” China has about five thousand years history which is a very long period of time. Also, the Chinese civilization was growing with these periods of time and it will continues greater than ever. Many wars and unhappinesses were happening during this period. The Chinese culture has many special characteristics which are very interesting for people to learn. The family life is very important for every Chinese.
Chinese families are very close-knit. Children tend to stay with their parents even after they get married and have children of their own, so that you often see three or four generations living under the same roof. Each member of the family help each other when there is any problem The Chinese culture has many special characteristics which are  very interesting for  people to learn, and delicious food to try. Some types of common Chinese food are rice, noodles, soup. The   Chinese people are known for their unusual eating method using "two chopsticks".
The tradition of chopsticks was introduced to many other countries in the world such as  Vietnam, North Korea, and South Korea. As for many Asian families , Chinese people  eat dinner all together at one table, They try to put the meal in the centre of the table and other serving stuff informt of the people. If this is an official dinner with guests, all the places on the table can be  fulled with plates. If this a dinner with the family guys, only the minimum part of the table is used. Their most popular food is  white rice and they mostly like fish and sea foods.

The people also like eggs, fish, fruit, and shellfish.. Vegetables, especially cabbage and Tofu rank second in Chinese diet. Roasted sweet potatoes are a popular snack Tea is the traditional Chinese beverage. Breakfast in China may be rice porridge, chicken noodle soup, or deep fried pastries that taste like donuts. In China the people's favorite lunch time foods include eggrolls, and dumplings filled with meat or shrimps. A typical Chinese dinner includes vegetables with bits of meat or seafood, soup, and rice and noodles.
In China most Chinese dishes are served in a boiling soup to keep the contents hot for longer, Chinese cuisine and culturel behaving can be  very very intresting chapter for us. That’s why people are trying to visit China and feel the difference of their cultures.. This is a very short time to summerize a very old culture in 1 hour but these Chinese different foods must have been tasted by everybody once in a life. That’s why Chinese restaurants are always crowded all over the World.

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