The Importance of Mastering English

Published: 2021-08-06 11:25:06
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Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Good afternoon. My name is Rismadilla Ulfah. I am a student of faculty of communication. This is my second year at Bachelor and I am currently studying primary education. Ladies and Gentlemen, Before I begin my speech I would like to respect, thank and acknowledge the lord of the world, the only one Allah SWT, to given us such deeply enjoyable, particularly faith and healthy comfort, hence, we could attend here in a good situation. To our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW who has taught us knowledge in the world.
He also brought us from darkness to the brightness, from stupidity to cleverness. To our lecture who has given such a great opportunity for me to stand here and let me speak out my speech in front of all friends who attend today. And also the last but no least to all of my beloved friends. Thank you for coming. Ladies and Gentlemen, In this speech I will be talking to you about the necessity and importance of mastering English. As we know, English has become the universal language since many years ago.
It is because English has the most vocabulary than any other language. English upgraded about 8. 500 vocabularies per year. Up till now English has been the first or second language to people around the world. Many people realized that English has the main role to people who wants to communicate with others in other country. But unfortunately not all of us realize that we need to communicate with the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, Nowadays Indonesian participate many international events. It is cannot be done if we don’t communicate with the universal language.

As a student of communication, me and all of my friends agree that English has to be mastering by people who wants to wider their space of communication. It is because the world has become more modern. Internet has created to connect each other in a different countries to feel as close as it can. Mass media and social networks also help us to find people, make friends or even business partner with someone we don’t know first. But since this world has so many countries in different island with different language, we cannot efuse we need a language that could connect us to the others. If we don’t try to learn English, it is such a waste because as people we need to communicate with others. That is means if we don’t mastering English, it would limit us to stay connected to the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, Speak is all of people’s skill. There’s not a single person that cannot speak in English. Although sometimes grammar and tenses could bother us but I think, as long as your partner of conversation understand what you mean it will be alright.
The main point is the message that you like to deliver is delivered clearly. But sometimes people underastimate by learning English indonesian people would not have national spirit. I think it is a shallow reason because respect our Bahasa and learning English is a different occasion. As a good communicator we have to targeting who we want to receive our message to. If we are going to tell people in a same language, using Bahasa is the proper way to say it. But if we want the entire world understanding our message, English indeed the right language that we’d like to use.
If we were just using Bahasa, the message definitely couldn’t be delivered well. The noise is in the wrong way of telling the message. Key of communication is language. Nothing you cannot do if you mastering the universal language, English. It will help your educational progress, carrier, or even making friends. Even some people know how to learn it in easy way such us listening to songs, watching movies or any other fun way. That will helps you to liking English even more. Nothing is too late if we try hard. Thank you for all your attention. Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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