The Seven Deadly Sins of Mahatma Gandhi

Published: 2021-08-05 14:05:04
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The Seven Deadly Sins mentioned by Mahatma Gandhi are: * Wealth without work Nowadays we can see the evidence of people love to gain money without even have to do some work. Well, we might love to do that. I do want to if I could, haha. However, if we take a deep sight of it, we can see that there will be only two probabilities of people having some wealth without doing any efforts: (1) those people are heading towards laziness and poverty, (2) those people do corruptions. No offense, but money, wealth, is limited, and at one point it will be run out if the people did not do some work to add more money.
Another possibility is to do some corruptions. People who corrupt can just manipulate money to add their own budgets. * Pleasure without conscience Conscience. It is the awareness of choosing which one is right or wrong, comes deep beneath the logic. Imagine the world seeking for pleasure without considering their heart. There is no responsibilities for people to share their pleasure with other people who are needing. Pleasure without conscience results in an empty world inside people’s hearts, just like spending money without charity. * Knowledge without character Having knowledge without character is like having a gasoline without a car.
You might use it for something bad, such as to fire a building. People have the potential (knowledge), thus the character is set to make sure that the knowledge will be used wisely and for an appropriate and good thing. * Commerce (Business) without morality (ethics) Lol as a business management student, I was really taught to have ethics in every move that I make. Business is all about seeking opportunities and gains the highest benefit from others. To decide some plans in a business, environment, society, and even the rival should be considered as the factors to do the business. Will it harm the environment?

Hurt the society? Or should we really make the rival bankrupt? Those aspects are little aspects which can bring a bigger problem in the future if we do not pay attention to it. * Science without humanity Have you ever heard of cloning? A-bomb? Deadly mutant virus? There is only a thin layer between humanity and inhumane within science. All those sciences are back to the people themselves; whether they want to develop science with or without humanity. * Religion without sacrifice Nowadays we can see people who are saying with pride, “I’m a Moslem” or “I’m a Christian”. But hey, look at their attitudes!
If they are Moslem, do they pray? Do they pay zakat? Read Al Quran? I myself cannot say I have done everything Allah asks me to. I still have long to-do lists to do, in a short period of life. Those Christians, do they go to church? See what is actually happening in this world today. I might say praying, and doing every instruction is hard, really hard. Perhaps that is why Mr. Gandhi said that religion without sacrifice is one of the deadly sins. We need to sacrifice some things in order to do the commands of our own religion. * Politics without principle I don’t really understand politics actually.
However, we all know that having politics without principle is just like losing directions. Dead Peasant Policy * A corporate-owned life insurance policy that a company may take out on its employees—often without their knowledge—designating the company as beneficiary. If the employee dies young, the company gets tax-free death benefits. If the employee lives long, it has a long-running tax break * Dead Peasant Insurance is sometimes used as a shorthand reference for life insurance policies that insure a company’s rank-and-file employees and name the company as the beneficiary.
This means that the company receives the life insurance benefits when the covered employees die. This insurance may also be called “janitor insurance,”… * The point of “dead peasant” policies seems to be this: Companies contribute money to the policies, which then can be used to pay for a variety of company expenses. In addition, when employees, retirees and former employees die, the company receives tax-free death benefits. Life insurance used to be rather straightforward, known for offering security to loved ones in a tough time. So when Irma Johnson learned that her husband, Daniel, who died of brain cancer, had been insured or $1. 5 million, it should have been at least a small comfort. But she did not receive the money. His employer did. It's one of the strangest free-market perversions that Michael Moore highlights in his latest film, "Capitalism: A Love Story. " In the corporate practice dubbed "Dead Peasants" life insurance, companies wager on employees' lives, expecting to make money when they die. And it's pervasive, said Mike Myers, an attorney who has uncovered many of these cases and helped angry relatives sue. "Life insurance is traditionally used to guard against the death of breadwinners.
This is an investment scheme," he said. Dozens of blue chip companies have these policies, according to Myers. But only banks are forced to reveal them, and several have billions of dollars worth of policies. "The driving force behind it is the tax deductions," he said. The life insurance policies were designed to allow companies to insure a few crucial executives. Savvy companies then realized they could also get a tax break by insuring many lower-level employees. The financial scheme doesn't actually cost the employees anything, except, some say, their trust.
Betina Tillman felt shocked and deceived when a reporter from The Wall Street Journal told her that her brother, a music store cashier, was insured by his employer for $339,000 when he died, despite the fact that he no longer worked at the store. "We were just in disbelief they were able to do it, and actually cash the policy and cash in on the policy," Tillman said. Families Battle in Court She sued, and won. Now, the government mandates that companies obtain the consent of employees. In the case of Daniel Johnson, Amegy Bank told ABC News that Johnson did give his consent, but Irma disputes that, and she's suing.
Rep. Gene Green, D-Texas, has pushed for even tougher restrictions. "We hope our laws are based on not only fairness, but morals," Green told ABC News. "And to me, it's immoral to benefit from your death if I don't know you. " Meanwhile, for those who feel they have been wronged and were never told about the insurance, it's up to them to brave the court system. "It was a matter of making sure we did the right thing and something that would honor our brother," Tillman said. "We sent a message across to that company, to let them know you may have gotten away with it all these years, but not this time. CURRENT EVENTS ? Region 8 Get P7 New COLA; P6 Wage Hike In Region 3 MB - Fri, Oct 5, 2012 MANILA, Philippines - Minimum wage earners in Region VIII will get a P7. 00 Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) in their daily wage rate which will be effective on October … ? Program Boosts Food Security, Income MB - Fri, Oct 5, 2012 ILOILO CITY (PIA) - The implementation of a nationwide rural development program "Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP)," which will cover 80 provinces in Luzon, … ? 3 Women Man Shar'iah Courts MB - Fri, Oct 5, 2012
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