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Published: 2021-07-19 06:05:07
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A research Report on Traffic problems in Big Cities
CORE ISSUE: Our core issue is traffic problems at the entrance areas of Islamabad. Why mostly traffic jams in these area and how traffic is controlled in those areas by the traffic police.

PURPOSE: People suffer a lot of problem due to traffic jam. We must give solutions to control traffic and avoid traffic jams. Students, teachers, office workers face problems because sometimes due to coming late they miss their meetings and face other problems as well.
SCOPE: We are working at the entrance areas of Islamabad i. e. Barakow and Golra. Sometimes due to heavy protocols people face traffic jams.
Major traffic jams are at school and office timings. We also face traffic problem on Friday. We will give solutions to the problems to solve this issue.
METHODOLOGY: We adopted two types of methodologies which are as follow:

Quantitative methodology.
Qualitative methodology.

QUANTITATIVE METHODOLOGY: We collect data through questionnaire. Our sample space is 30. We distributed 30 questionnaires among the students of Air University. We collected data from both male and female students. 15 questionnaires were filled by female students and 15 were filled by male students. We will also give the analysis report of our survey.
QUALITATIVE METHODOLOGY: We interviewed one of the police officers at Golra.
The questions we asked from him are attached at the end of this report.
CAUSES OF TRAFFIC PROBLEMS: Small roads for the number of cars and motor cycles.

Broken roads in some areas as people don’t like to move from the broken part so traffic increases on rest of the road.
More cars due to bank financing. Now everyone can afford a car so more cars are there on the road.
Old cars and trucks. Government doesn’t have a clear policy about old cars and trucks.

Even 30 years old cars are still running on roads like foxy & Suzuki. Lack of traffic sense amongst the people. People don’t have traffic sense. Traffic police and media should play their role in creating traffic sense amongst the people. [pic] [pic]

First we have to use more often the public transport. This is the best solution. Also we would recommend to walk a little more or to ride a bicycle.
Have a proper public transport system and it is in our hands to reduce the use of our car every day by using public transport.
Make the conditions of roads good, Make more lanes on the road and making alternative routes.
Create traffic awareness amongst the people though media and other sources.
Traffic problems can be reduced by either increasing road capacity (supply), or by reducing traffic (demand).
Different timing of starting and closings of offices and schools to avoid the rush in the morning, afternoon and evening on roads.
Make strict laws make them force able through traffic police. Government should put their best efforts to avoid traffic jams and other traffic problems.
Old cars should be scrapped and bank financing should be for commercial cars only.


Convince Problems.
Non availability of traffic police officer.
Hard university scheduled.
Police officer was not willing to give interview.

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What difficulties do you face in controlling the traffic?
Do people follow the rules and regulations?
Do people cooperate? How is their behavior?
How do you manage the traffic when there is a rout?
How do you act when there is accident and what are your precautions?
Rush hours create a problem for you. How do you manage?

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