Understand How to Handle Information in a Social Care Setting

Published: 2021-08-13 21:35:06
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Understand how to handle information in social care settings It is essential that in a social care environment information is collected, used and stored correctly. Current legislation requires everyone working in social care to maintain certain records and keep them secure. Most of the information is sensitive and therefore not available to the general public. Information that is sensitive is called Confidential. Examples of confidential records are :- * Care & support Plans * Risk Assessments Personal information about individuals being supported * Personal information about workers Always record any information given to you by an individual even if you think it is trivial as it may help someone else. Always check an individual’s care and support plan before working with them as there may have been changes since you last worked with the individual even if it was only a short time ago. Access to all information should be restricted to those people to whom the information is relevant.
Legislation relating to information handling includes :- * Data Protection Act 1998 * Freedom of Information Act 2000 * Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Essential Standards) Two key components of maintaining confidentiality are the integrity of information and its security. Integrity is achieved by the accuracy and completeness of information using proper processing methods. Security measures are needed to protect information from a wide variety of threats.
It is important to have secure systems in place in respect of information handling in order to * Comply with legislation * Protect confidentiality * Prevent identity theft * Maintain the rights of individuals * Ensure information is accessible for those who need to know Guidance, information and advice on handling information can be obtained from :- * Colleagues * Senior Staff Members * Individuals (Service Users) * Policies & Procedures * Internet Find out what records your employer keeps and how they are stored and kept secure

If you become aware of any situation where you suspect or know that the agreed procedures have not been followed or are not being followed by yourself or another person, you have a duty of care to report the situation immediately to your manager or supervisor. If you have any worries/concerns over recording, storing or sharing information then :- * Report to a colleague * Report to a senior member of staff * Don’t share any information if unsure Assignment 209 Task B Amanda Clegg

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