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Published: 2021-08-10 17:55:10
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* * Scavenger Hunt Worksheet Assignment Background: The point of this assignment is to get you to search and become familiar with the GCU Learning Management System (LMS) LoudCloud and the GCU web site. These two sites have many resources to help you be a successful student. Assignment Instructions: Answer the following questions that require you to search the LoudCloud classroom and GCU web site. Feel free to search around the sites until you find the things you are looking for. LoudCloud Questions 1.
After logging into the LoudCloud classroom, list the tabs and other items on the screen when you first enter a course in LoudCloud. 2. From the course home page in LoudCloud, click on the “Tasks” tab and then click on “Forums”. Make notes on the various forums and their purposes. * * 3. Find the Student Success Center under the Resources Tab. Click on this link. List some of the services provided to students at this link. * * 4. Inside the Student Success Center, click on the Writing Center link. Click on LoudCloud Courses.
What writing style is required for 100- and 200-level courses at GCU? 5. Inside the Student Success Center, click on the Support Services link. List the services available at this link. 6. Inside the Student Success Center, click on the Succeed at GCU link. Click on the GCU Tutorials link at the bottom of the page. What tutorials are available for students at this link? 7. Click on the Resources Tab in the LoudCloud classroom. List each section. Review each section and list what you find in it. 8.

Click on the Course Home link the left-hand corner of the screen. List some of the components found on this page. 9. Go to http://library. gcu. edu. Click on the Frequently Asked Questions (on the left) link. List how a GCU student finds a Book, DVD, streaming video, or other multimedia at the GCU library: * GCU Web site Questions (http://www. gcu. edu) 1. Locate and click the Spiritual Life link on the right side of the screen. You will notice a navigation pane on the left side of the screen. Click the “+” sign next to Chapel and the Gathering.
What information is listed under Chapel and the Gathering? 2. On the Home page, locate and click the Current Students button on the right side of the screen. Scroll down the page. What links are listed under the Student Resources section? 3. On the Home page, locate and click on the Resources tab at the top of the screen. Click the Technical Support link listed under the Support Services section. What information can be found under Technical Support? 4. On the Home page, click on the Contact Us tab which is located just above the home page footer.
This is where you can locate phone numbers and addresses of the colleges, the main GCU switchboard, and the Student Services offices. List the phone numbers of the following departments located in the Student Contact Information section: * Career Services- * Center for Learning Advancement- * Academic Advising- * Finance Counselors- * Office of Academic Records- * Technical Support 5. On the Home page, notice the icons on the top right header area. What are the other icons listed next to the“” for the GCU Facebook page? 6. On the Home page, click the About Us tab located at the top.
What is the vision and mission statement for Grand Canyon University? 7. Also under the About Us tab, locate the four pillars of Grand Canyon University. 8. Navigate from the About Us tab to the Academics tab. Read about Accreditation near the bottom of the page. What did you learn? 9. Navigate from the Academics tab to the Student Life tab. Scroll down the page to locate and click on Bookstore. Click the Online Bookstores link and then through to the Grand Canyon Online Students section. What sort of materials can a student purchase from this site?

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