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Cell Phone Radiation

The radiation protection to be practiced > cell phone radiation During normal use, over half of the radiation transmitted by your mobile phone is absorbed by your head or body. Around 80% of the phone...

Published: 2021-07-29 06:00:06

Cell Phone Should Be Banned in High School

Hussein Hmood ENG, 1101 Mrs. Myers Cell Phone should be banned in high school When I was in high school, I saw many students in school using cell phones. The students were supposed to come to school t...

Published: 2021-08-04 20:45:07

No Cell Phones for Kids

Cell phone is considered as an important thing in human life nowadays. We no longer rely on public phones that once we did. The cell phones users are not only people that come from the working class, ...

Published: 2021-07-20 02:05:06

Should Cellphones Be Allowed in Class

Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In The Classroom? Personally, I think cell phones should be allowed in the classrooms as they can benefit students in many ways. Student’s listen to music on them, do r...

Published: 2021-07-16 02:20:06

The Negative Effects of a Cellphone

When the first cellular phone was invented, its uses only went as far as a phone call. As time and technology advanced, so did the development of the cell phone. A basic phone today can make calls, ta...

Published: 2021-07-31 18:50:07